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Competent staff is the most valuable asset in the extremely competitive market environment of today; therefore a thorough merit- and performance-based selection of employees has a direct bearing on your company’s success in business.

Expert Multiple’s primary business function is the search for, and selection of, well-trained, skilled and motivated professionals in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Corporate finances and book keeping
  • Information technologies, telecommunications
  • Marketing
  • FMCG
  • Law
  • Our employees have to their credit many years of professional experience working as practitioners and business leaders in diverse domestic and foreign companies.


Our partners include:








Expert Multiple is a subsidiary of the Expert M consultancy company, which has been engaged since 2000 as a consulting agent in the development and commercial launch of new biological preparations and medicines at the request of, and in close co-operation with, major biotechnological corporations. The rapidly expanding range of tasks facing the Company as a result of its participation in projects to convert and modernize operational high-tech production facilities in the biochemical, medical, oil and petrochemical industries made it necessary for the Company’s staff members to get involved also in providing our partners with efficient scientific personnel and highly qualified executives.

To address these tasks, a dedicated recruitment services unit was set up within the Company. The further development of this activity demonstrated the advisability of establishing a distinct business entity, which was done in 2009.